She might be an inanimate object, but we'd probably consider Barbie to have been our best friend as a kid. While the rest of our elementary school pals were sending secret love letters to the boy we liked, Barbie was always there for us. So how, we ask you, did we not realize that she's had an unknown last name all along?

Yes, in news that's no less than shaken the internet to its very core, some fans are finding out the iconic doll's full name for the first time in 59 years. We kind of always assumed she was a "Madonna" or "Cheryl" type, to be honest. Recently revealing the news on her official Twitter account, Barbie (or, more realistically, the manufacturer's social media manager) announced, "Happy #SiblingsDay, from the Roberts sisters!" And obviously, at this point, the internet was so excited to learn this newfound fact.

One Twitter user funnily said, "I demand to see a birth certificate," with another claiming "my life is a lie." Same, friends, same. Some people even questioned the whole #SiblingsDay message, asking "When did she have three sisters?" (You've probably heard of her younger sister, Skipper!). Oh, and as if this wasn't enough to contend with, it turns out "Barbie" is actually just the doll's nickname. According to Barbie mythology, her actual name is Barbara "Barbie" Millicent Roberts. The more you know, right?!

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.