When it was announced earlier this year that actress Jenny McCarthy would be replacing long-time co-host of “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the talk show and its creator Barbara Walters received heavy backlash over the hiring.

Most of the outrage stemmed from Jenny’s controversial view that childhood vaccines may have caused her son’s autism. The former model’s very public opinions have been debunked by the medical community for lack of evidence and many have attacked the blonde beauty for using her public status to quote-on-quote spread misinformation that could pose a threat to children.

"I think the criticism about her was unfair, and it was criticism that had to do with her personal views," Barbara told Howard Kurtz on his Fox News show Media Buzz. “[It] is not a subject that we have discussed on 'The View.'”

The journalist maintains that Jenny brings a “light and fun” attitude to the show and that she couldn't be prouder of each and every one of the women who have sat around "The View" table.

"I didn't create them," Barbara says. "Did I help to launch them? Yeah, and that makes me feel good. I have always been a big booster of other women. I've always worked with other women. If I have any legacy, that’s it.”