Sounds like this song isn’t ready to go away quite yet! Everyone knows the extremely catchy tune “Baby Shark” — even celebrities — and actor Rob Riggle knows all about it, mainly because his two kids won’t stop singing it.

The 49-year-old — who shares daughter Abby, 15, and son George, 11, with his wife Tiffany — revealed that his children are huge fans of the little bop. He exclusively told Closer Weekly at Discovery’s Serengeti LA special screening on Tuesday, July 23, at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills that his kids play it “at least twice a day. Always.” The comedian now wishes the song never existed.

Rob Riggle Tiffany and George Riggle
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“Especially when they torture you with it,” the star said of “Baby Shark.” “Anything that that repetition where you just want to pull your hair out. But I also grew up in the time and we had DVD players in the headrest. And so we’d put in a DVD and drive to grandma’s house. And so I got to hear The Wiggles and all these Disney songs over and over and over. So I’ve been conditioned to it. And Frozen. Everybody has a daughter, It’s all Frozen. ‘Let is Go‘ has the same kind of effect.” While he isn’t a fan of that particular pop culture shark trend, Rob was all about being able to cohost Shark Week.

“I was so lucky last year. They asked me to cohost with [Shaquille O’Neal] so that’s how it all kind of started,” the Hangover star said. “I interjected a little comedy into it last year. And I think they liked it cause they asked me to come back and do it this year. So I brought a bunch of my comedian friends with me and these are like legit friends.”

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“We had a great time. We really bonded even deeper than we normally would because it wasn’t like a movie. This was shared danger. We were actually 30 feet under, chum in the water, sharks all around us. It was the real deal,” Rob continued. “And it’s intense and when you go through intense experiences, you bond. It didn’t matter what it is, you just do.”

Rob’s little ones even got to join him! “They were with me for part of the shoot. So they saw, they were like, oh my God, this is a real. I was like, that’s right kids. Dad’s going in the water.” He also got some cool points from his kids!


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“They were just thrilled. They were like, did you really do that? And I’m like, yeah. They’re like, wow. And you can tell the way they look at you,” Rob explained. “Normally look at you like dad, dad standing by the grill going, who wants a burger? They’re like, whatever. This old man doesn’t know what he’s doing. But you do something cool and they’re like, Hey, I guess, I guess he is a human that has a life and does fun things.” So great!

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