Two weeks after a baby gorilla was born via emergency C-section at San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, the unnamed girl had her first visual interaction with mom Imani and the rest of her gorilla family.

Weighing just 4 lbs, 6 oz at birth, the little gorilla suffered major breathing problems, which vets later discovered was due to a collapsed lung. Her 18-year-old mother had been in labor for 12 hours, extremely rare for gorillas who typically give birth in under four.

After the infant underwent surgery for the collapsed lung, she contracted pneumonia and has been under intensive care for the last 10 days.

Now that she is breathing on her own and slurping down milk formula, staff determined it was time to introduce her to the park's gorilla population.

"Veterinary staff felt confident in the baby's health to release her from the hospital…we brought her back to the house where she's started visual introductions to the troop," senior keeper Matt Gelvin said.

"Everyone is very excited to see the baby, very curious," Gelvin said of the other gorillas, who can few their newest addition through a protective barrier.

Take a look at the baby's first interaction with her mother and family below!