Action star, and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger participated in a hilarious skit on Monday's Tonight Show, which saw the 66-year-old revisit some of his most well-known film quotes!

The actor appeared as himself in the skit alongside Jimmy Fallon's "Zach Striker" in a spoof of TV network QVC.

While Fallon attempted to sell the Vitamix blender to viewers in a cooking-themed segment, Schwarzenegger was only interested in the Slap Chop slicer and dicer.

His impatience with Fallon to move on from the blender caused the 66-year-old to repeatedly yell "Let's get to the chopper!" his iconic line from the 1987 sci-fi hit Predator.

However the talk show host, in a ridiculous blonde wig, ignored the A-lister's request, causing the former body builder to get so angry he flipped over a table!

The incident forced "Zach Striker" to cut to commercial break, but not before Schwarzenegger had the chance to yell "I'll be back!" from 1984's The Terminator.

Watch the clever skit below!