HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous introduced the world to Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs, home design experts who got married in 2005. The pair have tackled some huge projects together, restoring homes in Bentonville, Arkansas, and proving that their design skills are unmatched. Keep scrolling to find out if Dave and Jenny are still together. 

How Did Dave and Jenny Marrs Meet? 

Dave and Jenny met in 2002 while they were both working for Newell Rubbermaid. After traveling a lot for work, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career as a builder instead of continuing in the corporate world. Dave decided to move to Arkansas in 2004 and much to his delight, Jenny came with him. 

“We were just going to be here for a couple of years and go back to Florida,” Jenny told About You in October 2018. “I think, like a lot of people do here, we came for a stint and realized how great a place it is. This is home.”

‘Fixer to Fabulous’: Facts About Dave and Jenny Marrs  
Courtesy of Dave Marrs/Instagram

The couple got married three years after they first met. They decided to embark on the home renovation journey together, flipping homes in their town. Together they founded Marrs Developing, their own contracting company. In 2016, HGTV producers had their sights set on starting a series in Arkansas and a friend recommended Dave and Jenny for the job.

The couple filmed a sizzle reel for the network and received the call that HGTV wanted to go ahead with a series based on their work. The first season of Fixer to Fabulous premiered in October 2019. 

Are Dave and Jenny Marrs Still Together?

The Rock the Block competitors are always bursting with love for each other and are still together! In a March 2022 interview with Closer, Dave gushed about his beautiful wife. 

​“Well, when we first got married, I knew I was winning big time … now she works with me all the time,” he said. “So, I get to be with and spend all of my time with Jenny. … She’s become like, just from an amazing wife, to an amazing mother, to an amazing business partner, to everything I could ask for.” 

The couple celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary in April 2022. Jenny shared a throwback photo from their wedding on Instagram with a sweet caption. 

“If I could rewind to this very day 17 years ago, I would whisper in that young bride’s ear: ‘This is the first day of the most incredible adventure you could ever imagine,’” she wrote. “Thanks for being my main squeeze forever and ever, Dave Marrs. I’m sure glad I snagged you.”

How Many Children Do Dave and Jenny Marrs Have? 

The television stars are parents to five children: Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke. Sylvie was adopted from the Democratic Republic of Congo in August 2013. The pair were able to bring her home in ​​July 2014 after a shutdown of the Congolese government delayed the adoption process. Their daughter’s adoption journey served as one of the many inspiring reasons why they decided to do Fixer to Fabulous

​​“The main reason that we said ‘yes’ to this HGTV journey of ours is for us to have a platform to share about adoption and orphan care, family preservation, the things that we’re really passionate about and so honestly receiving this award is truly such a huge honor,” Jenny said at the CCAI virtual gala in October 2021 after receiving the National Angels in Adoption award. “This is really amazing because this is our heart and what is really important to us.”