Well, perhaps it’s best we watch it at home. Antonio Banderas may be headed to the Oscars, but it’s going to cost him if he wants to bring any extra guests with him.

During the Thursday, January 30 episode of The Late Late Show, the 59-year-old explained to James Corden, 41, and the audience just how pricey it is to reel in a ticket for the Academy Awards. “You get four [seats] and that’s it, including me,” the actor told the funny host, adding that you also have to pay for each extra person you want to tag along with you. “And then you have to pay, actually. Of course, I am paying … I think it’s $750.”

“Shut the front door. $750 to watch a group of millionaires give each other gold statues?” James asked, clearly thrown-off by it all.

“That’s for people who actually are involved in this,” Antonio responded. “I think that the tickets for normal … I don’t know exactly the number, but for somebody that is not involved in this at alI. I think it’s a little bit more than that.” However, the comedian still couldn’t believe it.

“That’s a discount?!” James said. “Shut up. Antonio, you’ve got that ‘Puss and Boots’ money. You got the ‘Shrek’ money, that’s alright.”

The A-lister will of course be there, as he is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Pain and GloryPenélope Cruz also stars in the film. When Antonio isn’t busy with his movie career, he’s focusing on his family. He shares 23-year-old daughter Stella with his ex-wife, fellow actress Melanie Griffith. The Mask of Zorro star has also been an important figure for Melanie’s other children, Dakota Johnson and Alexander Bauer.

Antonio Banderas
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While the pair may not be married anymore, they still have plenty of affection towards one another. “Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she is my best friend,” Antonio once told People in an interview. “I love her and will love her until the day I die. She’s my family.”

It is always great to see and hear from Antonio. We wish him the best at the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 9!