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‘Psycho’ Actor Anthony Perkins Was a Doting Dad of 2: Meet His Sons Who Carried on His Legacy

Anthony Perkins shot to fame as a teen idol in the late ‘50s with a music and acting career that made him popular all over the world. The Friendly Persuasion star’s two children, Oz Perkins and Elvis Perkins, with his wife, Berry Berenson, followed the same path. The siblings established entertainment careers of their own and continue to carry on their father’s legacy.

Anthony married Berry, a photographer, in 1973. She was three months pregnant with their first child at the time of their Cape Cod, Massachusetts, wedding. Oz was born in 1974. He was named after his late grandfather, Osgood Perkins, who appeared in more than 20 Broadway productions and became a silent film star before his death from a heart attack at the age of 45.  

Oz’s little brother, Elvis, arrived in 1976. Fatherhood changed Anthony’s life tremendously, years after he became an icon of the horror genre due to his role in 1960’s Psycho

“Ever since I got married and had kids, my life became much more structured and ordinary,” he once said. 

In 1990, the New York native was diagnosed with AIDS. Anthony died from an AIDS-related illness in 1992 at age 60. He and Berry remained married up until his death. Split Image: The Life of Anthony Perkins author Charles Winecoff told Closer in June 2022 that the film star took pride in having a family and was “devoted to them” to the very end.  

Berry died at the age of 53 during the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. The actress was a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 11 after vacationing in Cape Cod. After the devastating loss of both of his parents, Oz struggled to find ways to deal with his grief. 

“My father died, and I had to deal and recover from that. And then my mother died, and I had to deal and recover from that,” he told Screen Rant in January 2020. “I suffered a couple of really staggering changes, let’s say. ‘Losses’ is easy to say, but real course changes hit me from the side. I rambled for a long time.” 

While Oz eventually did take a gamble at acting, he ultimately realized that his true passion was behind the camera. 

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