Angela Bassett’s 13-Year-Old Twins Are Independent Just Like Their Mom — Meet Bronwyn and Slater!

Mom of two Angela Bassett doesn’t have to try hard when it comes to raising her kids! Being a mother comes naturally to the actress, who shares her 13-year-old twins — Bronwyn Vance and Slater Vance — with her longtime husband, Courtney B. Vance.

If there’s anything that Angela gives her children, it’s tough love! “I had ‘em making up beds at 18 months,” the 61-year-old beauty jokingly explained at an annual brunch for The Rape Foundation on Sunday, October 6. “I’m not trying at 13 and 14 to get them to do anything. So they’re used to doing the right thing, you know, by and large.”

By “[putting] the work in early,” Angela has taught her kids a lot about responsibility and she even admits that she doesn’t even help them with their homework.

“They are in public school. I went to public school. Turned out OK. I do not help them with their homework,” she revealed during a previous appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “They’re doing TED Talks at school. My son did something on ‘do aliens exist.’ My daughter did ‘do dragons exist.’ I let my friend who is visiting tell him ‘you need to simplify it.’ He didn’t [follow her advice]. It went very well, he gets very far on charisma, but no one understood what his TED Talk was about.”

Angela’s kids are independent just like their mom! When they grow up, we’re sure they’re going to have her amazing work ethic and their dad’s undeniable charisma. The Black Panther star once gushed all about her kids’ independence.

“They want to be with their friends. They have their school friends, they have their sports friends, church friends, and they want to spend time with them,” she explained at the time. “You know what? I want to spend time with my friends too, so I get it, but I know what they like! So I just try to find a moment, something that we can enjoy together that I know that they would really appreciate.”

Angela and Courteney have such a loving family!

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