What a Loving Family! See Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance’s Cutest Moments With Their Kids

Don’t mess with Angela Bassett or her kids! At 61, the Black Panther star is living her best life — and that involves being a wonderful mother of two to her 13-year-old twins, Bronwyn and Slater. As they grow up to be their own persons, Angela’s kids have received plenty of support from both her and her husband, Courtney B. Vance.

“They’re in everything now,” Courtney, 59, recently told Closer Weekly about the activities Bronwyn and Slater are doing now as teenagers. “Before my wife and I were going to do this and were going to do this and this and this … Now, OK, you don’t want to do that. Oh, OK, let’s do that. So it’s a new phase for us.”

Now that Angela and Courtney’s kids are teens, they have taken a different approach to parenting  — and, so far, it seems to be working out.

“We always said that from zero to 12, children need to hear us and actually do what we ask them to do, and then 13 on we have discussions,” he explained. “So we’re in the discussion phase now.”

Thanks to their parents, Bronwyn and Slater will probably miss the whole rebellious phase kids go through in their teen years. They’ve always looked to their parents for guidance when they need help with something and we’re sure neither Angela nor Courtney would ever steer them wrong.

“I’m just speaking from my experience, but my daughter, from the time she was a little one, was always sort of looking to me for the example of what to do and how to be,” the Marvel actress previously explained to Vulture. “I have twins, and if I told her brother something like, ‘Slater, put that down. Slater, don’t stand on that. Slater —,’ she would be my little copy. If he would do something, she would say, ‘Slater, put that down! Slater, don’t stand on that!’ She was my little copycat!”

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