While Andy Cohen was battling coronavirus, all he could think about was reuniting with son Ben. The beloved TV host opened up about the moment he got to see his 13-month-old for the first time after self-isolating for nearly two weeks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reunion yesterday it was really sweet. I raced in there after the show,” Andy, 51, sweetly gushed to pal John Mayer on the Tuesday, March 31 episode of his SiriusXM show, “Radio Andy.” “I opened the door that leads me down the hallway and when I opened it, he knows that I’m coming always and that’s usually a sign … he usually gets excited.”

Andy Cohen's son

The Bravo guru told the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer, 42, that the moment he peeked his “head around the corner,” little Ben was standing there and he looked over with his “big, wide eyes.”

“Teresa, who’s my superhuman baby nurse, she’s like, ‘Who’s that? Is that your daddy?'” Andy adorably continued. “He looked over and his mouth, it was just wide-open with delight … is how I would describe it.”

The Watch What Happens Live star — who first revealed the news of his positive coronavirus diagnosis in an emotional Instagram post on March 20 —  said although Ben was “definitely delighted,” he insisted “it was not like a movie reunion where he ran over anything like that.”

“I didn’t overdo it either, because I didn’t wanna,” Andy said before taking a moment, “But I was like, ‘Ahhh.’ … I guess I did actually,” he quipped, “because I picked him up and started throwing him up in the air, so yeah, actually I did overdo it.” LOL!

Instagram/Andy Cohen

Andy said the moment he “put him down,” the father-son duo “immediately started playing” together. “I started building a block tower and he was knocking it over,” the TV star shared, noting that the best part was knowing that Ben didn’t realize how long he was gone.

“He’s been in his bubble and he’s doing his thing and Teresa has kept him on his schedule and very happy and healthy,” the proud dad gushed. “So we had a really nice day yesterday I got to spend a lot of time with him.”

Besides giving all the heartwarming details inside their highly anticipated reunion, Andy also shared a super cute photo with his little bundle of joy when he finally returned home on March 30. “I’ve hosted reunions for years, but yesterday’s was the best one yet,” he marveled in the caption.

We’re so happy Andy is back to his old self!

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