He just welcomed his first son via surrogate a few days ago but Andy Cohen already isn’t afraid to shut down his dad-shamers online. The Watch What Happens Live! host had quite the reaction when critics recently began commenting on his Instagram page claiming his beloved dog, Wacha, is jealous of his newborn son, Benjamin.

In a series of Instagram Story videos that Andy posted on Friday, February 15, the 50-year-old jokingly blamed his pooch for ripping apart one of his baby son’s toy after the Beagle Foxhound mix was caught playing with a pile of plush stuffing. “Did you just eat my son’s stuffed Torah that the Rabbi gave him, Wacha? And now you’re exhausted?” Andy asked his dog in the first clip. “That was my son’s Torah. Did you want to explain to my son what you did? And what do I tell the Rabbi? Wacha? Wacha!”


What was intended as a cute and innocent series of videos only backfired when Andy’s followers began dad-shaming the TV host. “Okay, flooded with DMs from people saying I’ve got a big problem on my hands,” Andy said in another video as he explained that many people were insinuating that his dog’s actions meant that “Wacha’s jealous of my son.”

However, Andy wasn’t going to let the haters have the last laugh. “Wacha didn’t know that the Torah toy, we’re talking about a Torah toy, belonged to the baby. He just had his eye on a purple f–king toy and he wanted to rip it apart,” Andy continued. “It’s not that deep. Stand down. Everything’s fine in the West Village.”


The new dad then directly addressed Wacha in another video. “Hey, I’ve been a dad for 12 days, people are judgy as f–k. We gotta be careful, OK? Sometimes a Torah toy is just a Torah toy everybody, right?”

The rude comments come just days after it was revealed that Andy has apparently been a “nervous wreck” after welcoming his little bundle of joy. “Andy hasn’t slept a wink, because he said he doesn’t want to miss anything,” a source close to the Bravo star told Radar Online, adding that the new dad is thankfully getting some help from his family. “He has his mother Evelyn with him, and his sister Emily as well.”

We wish Andy the best of luck and lots of happiness as he continues to raise his adorable little boy!