CNN star Anderson Cooper wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything else in the world! Anderson, 52, opened up about the “first weekend” he spent with baby Wyatt after his little guy was born on April 27.

“It was great. It was awesome,” he said with a big smile while talking to colleague Chris Cuomo on the Monday, May 4, episode of Anderson Cooper 360. “I spent the whole weekend just looking at him and burping him and feeding him. It was great.” The doting dad also loves having his kid around him while he sleeps and eats. “It’s like this amphibious tree frog lying on my chest,” Anderon joked.

Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt

However, Chris, 49, thought the news anchor could have used a different choice of words. “You will come up with better metaphors for what your son reminds you of than an amphibious tree frog, but you’re new to this,” the journalist laughed, adding that raising a baby is an unforgettable experience.

“You’ve got a new baby, it’s a new you and I love watching you laugh and smile,” Chris said. “There will be nothing else like it in your life.”

Since Anderson became a dad, his friends have watched him “light up” and take on more responsibilities at home. Andy Cohen recalled what he told his friend when he found out the TV host was going to be a father for the first time.

“What I’ve said and he said is, it’s not easy and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to have a baby as a gay man,” the Watch What Happens Live star explained during an episode of Radio Andy on Monday, May 4. “He went through a lot and I’m just so happy his son is so beautiful and happy and healthy, and I already see Anderson light up and open up in new ways.”

Aww! Baby Wyatt is already bringing out the best in his dad.