Amy Robach “Takes Control” Away From Breast Cancer By Cutting Hair Short

Getty Images

ABC News journalist Amy Robach, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last October, debuted a new short ‘do on "Good Morning America" this morning after deciding to cut her long hair after it began to fall out.

"We know in our line of work that appearance is important -- and it's important to anybody and everybody, really -- and I decided I was going to take control of one thing away from the cancer, so I got my hair cut," the 40-year-old explained on the morning show.

The accomplished journalist discovered she had breast cancer after undergoing a live mammogram on GMA to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Amy has since undergone a double mastectomy and two of eight total planned rounds of chemotherapy.

In a video documenting her trip to the salon, Amy explains, "Today I'm taking control of something that I have very little control of. I'm going to cut my hair very short.”

The mother-of-two and step-mother-of-three was emotional as she watched her long hair fall to the floor. "I knew I'd cry at least once. It's like a fresh start, a new chapter."

After the video, GMA co-host George Stephanopoulos asked Amy, “You know how fantastic you look, right?” to which she responded, “Thank you. I feel free. I feel empowered.”