Ally Sheedy was one of the hottest stars in the ‘80s with roles in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. She was also a member of the Brat Pack, along with Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez and ​more. With Andrew’s documentary, Brats, premiering on June 13, 2024, fans have become curious about Ally’s life outside of the spotlight, including her family and kids.

How Many Kids Does Ally Sheedy Have?

Ally is the proud mom of one child, son Beckett Lansbury, whom the Short Circuit star shares with ex-husband David Lansbury.

Who Is Ally Sheedy’s Son, Beckett Lansbury?

Beckett was born in 1994. Ally has always been a staunch supporter of her son, and the two of them opened up about Beckett’s journey in a 2017 episode of the “Boom! Lawyered” podcast.

“It gets a little bit dicey when people are not able to self-proclaim how they would like to be introduced. In general, it’s nice to be able to have a word that refers to you and states how you see yourself and self-identify,” Beckett said during his appearance. “Pronouns are something that people just usually take for granted. You never really think about it since the baby’s born. They’re a boy, then there’s no question about how are we going to refer to the child. It’s really, really nice to be able to have that power to pre-plan how you’re identified and how other people are going to see you and identify you.”

Ally Sheedy Is a Proud Mom! Meet Her Son Beckett Lansbury
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He continued, “I’m extremely lucky. I’ve always had a support system. I can’t think of one time basically throughout my entire identity, and also before that. It’s always been something that’s just been there. I’ve never really had any close person to me reject me in that way, which is very fortunate, but also, that also just helped me come out anyway.”

Ally added, “I just love Beck, so I wanted to support — I’ve always wanted to support Beck on whatever the particular journey is.”

What Has Ally Sheedy Said About Being a Mom to Beckett Lansbury?

Ally previously gushed about being Beckett’s mom during an interview with People magazine.

“I want him to be able to do what he wants to do with his life and have the freedom to make his own choices and surround himself with a loving, supportive community,” the War Games star told the outlet in 2022. “I’ve learned a lot. Beck doesn’t hide anything. And I feel very comfortable talking to anyone whose kid is just beginning the process of transition. Parents need to educate themselves.”