Alison Sweeney can hardly believe The Biggest Loser is about to begin its 16th season, but knows why the show has struck a chord with so many viewers.

Despite recent controversy surrounding contestants' shocking weight losses and the departure of popular trainer Jillian Michaels, Alison maintains:

"The story and the premise of it is just so good and relevant in today’s society. Every season there are new, amazing contestants that people are interested in…and watching people overcome an obstacle as big as this is really inspiring."

alison sweeney

Alison (far right) with trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper on season 15's "Biggest Loser" finale

As for Jillian — who left in part due to "fundamental differences [with Loser's producers] that have existed for a while," she revealed last month — Alison has nothing but nice things to say about her former colleague.

"I’m happy for Jill," the 37-year-old tells Closer. "I think she’s doing what she wants to do with her life and I’m thrilled for her and her family. And of course I wish her the best."

Apart from the shake-up on Biggest Loser, the blonde beauty is experiencing huge changes in her own career. She recently left soap opera Days of Our Lives after 21 seasons and is trying her hand at directing on General Hospital.

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"I love getting a little more of a say in what’s happening and how the story’s being told," the mom-of-two shares about her latest passion. "When [I] really have an opportunity to be a part of that process…it allows me to be the control freak that I am!"

Even though she still has a lot on her plate, what does the TV personality like to do for date nights with her husband-of-14-years, David Sanov?

"You’re totally gonna laugh, [but] my typical date night with my husband is binge watching one of our favorite shows," Alison tells Closer. "We make a nice dinner together when our kids are in bed."

alison sweeney

Alison with hubby David in 2009

The actress admits the duo, whose favorites include Fargo and True Detective, are "avid TV-viewers."

"We’ll pause it and analyze the scene and talk about that moment and how good the acting was. I don’t think other people want to watch TV with us!" she laughs.

Alison adds a good night's sleep is key to maintaining her active lifestyle, which has greatly improved since beginning a partnership with Sleep Number.

"Sleep Number gave me their new SleepIQ technology to track and monitor my sleep," she shares. "Built-in sensors work directly with the bed to measure your breathing, heart rate and movement to track how you’re sleeping."

But getting enough sleep isn't just about having enough energy. "It helps you eat right," Alison tells Closer. "It’s good to get good sleep!"