As Alexa Ray Joel arrived at Bella New York's Beauty Cover Launch Party on May 29, Christie Brinkley stood back and watched as her daughter, the event's hostess, graciously greeted guests. "Christie took out her phone to take pictures of Alexa," an onlooker exclusively told Closer Weekly. "She had a total proud mom moment!"

Christie has a lot to be proud of. A singer-songwriter like her father Billy Joel, Alexa, 32, is featured on the latest cover of Bella Magazine. And Alexa credits her parents for setting her on the right path in life. "I was raised in a pretty old-fashioned way, believe it or not," she told Closer. "Literally, if I didn't say 'please' and ‘thank you’ to the waiter I'd get a little [tap on the shoulder], 'You have to say please.'"

Christie, 64, and Billy, 69, divorced when she was eight, but Alexa says it didn't lead to her becoming a rebellious teen. "I hear how Drew Barrymore grew up going to the bars — I was never allowed," she said, adding. "I was sheltered."

While her actual shelter was lavish, she enjoyed the simple pleasures of family time with her parents. "We would sit around and play music," Alexa recalled. "My dad would play piano, I would sing 'Sound of Music,' and mom would dress me up. I just had so much fun with them that I never got into the crazy party scene."

Now that Alexa's engaged to restaurateur Ryan Gleason, she's also looking to her mom to help with her next step in life: the wedding. "She has the most exquisite taste, but she's not too pushy," Alexa said. "We want to plan something in NYC. But we'll see. My mom knows best!"

Alexa announced her engagement by sharing a photo of her massive rock on Instagram earlier this year. Shortly after the news broke, her mom publicly congratulated the happy couple by posting a photo of Alexa and Ryan on social media. The caption read, "Ryan is the sweetest, kindest, hard working man who sincerely loves and adores my precious Alexa Ray so I love him too and while we have always thought of him as family soon he really will be!" Alexa's family surely can't wait for the big day!

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