Always in his corner. Alex Trebek‘s wife, Jean Currivan, has not opened up much since learning of her husband’s cancer diagnosis, but now she’s doing just that, as she revealed that she is all about bringing her love’s spirits up.

Jean, 54 — who runs a spiritual blog named — recently told SurvivorNet how important the site is to her and the Jeopardy! host, 79. “It comes from a place of love, because I want to uplift him,” she explained. “When I keep my own self buoyed and enjoying my life, I can actually share that with him. He can look at me and have a sense of ‘life is beautiful; my wife is doing something good.”

Alex Trebek Wife Jean
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Jean tied the knot with the TV personality in 1990. The pair share two kids — Matthew, 29, and Emily. She has been with Alex through it all, especially after he revealed that he had pancreatic cancer back in March. However, the businesswoman did have some advice for those going through an equally rough time. “Just ask the universe, ‘What’s the next step for me?’” she told the outlet. “The universe will always respond. I am absolutely sure that we live in a benevolent universe that is always conspiring for our highest and greatest good.”

It should not come as a surprise to hear that Jean has been great with Alex through his cancer journey. The game show host himself once said just how grateful he is for his wife, and revealed her sweet reaction when she learned his tumors had shrunk. “Jeannie is wonderful. She cried of course this morning when she got the [good] news,” he told People. “But it’s been a lot. It’s a lot of pressure.”

Alex Trebek Wife Jean
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“My heart goes out to caregivers,” Alex continued. “Because they have to deal with their loved ones suffering and they also don’t always know how to help because there’s not much they can do, except try to make you feel more comfortable, at ease and not worry about ordinary stuff.”

Alex has been making sure others are well aware of their health, in order to avoid something worst. He recently teamed up with World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition to make a PSA. “I wished I had known sooner that the persistent stomach pain I experienced before my diagnosis was a symptom of pancreatic cancer,” he said in a clip. “Other common symptoms can include mid back pain, unexplained weight loss, new onset diabetes and the yellowing of the skin or eyes. He then proceeded to urge people to get checked out.

We’re glad that Alex keeps fighting, and we know his loved ones will be with him through everything.