Plenty of fans rushed to send words of encouragement upon hearing the news that Alex Trebek has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, and the TV host definitely read a lot of those comments as he recently thanked all of his supporters.

On Thursday, March 14, the Jeopardy! legend, 78, took to the program’s Twitter account to share a quick clip of himself showing appreciation for all the kind messages he has received. “Hi everyone, I just want to take a few moments to say thanks to the, believe it or not, hundreds of thousands of people who have sent in tweets, texts, emails, cards and letters wishing me well following my recent health announcement,” Alex said. “I’ve heard from former contestants even Watson, the IBM computer, sent me a get well card.”

Alex Trebek
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The TV personality continued, “Now obviously, I won’t be able to respond to all of you individually, but I did want you to know that I do read everything I receive and I am thankful for the kind words, the prayers and the advice you have offered, and I’m extremely touched by the warmth you have expressed in your comments to me.” He added, “I’m a lucky guy.”

On Wednesday, March 6, Alex shared the heartbreaking news of his diagnosis, and yet he still made sure to continue to be nothing but positive. “Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working,” he said in the clip. “And with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. Truth told, I have to! Because under the terms of my contract, I have to host Jeopardy! for three more years! So help me. Keep the faith and we’ll win. We’ll get it done. Thank you.”

A friend of Alex recently exclusively told Closer Weekly how much of a fighter the longtime host truly is. “He is savvy,” his pal noted. “He’s been around a long time. He’s a survivor in a tough showbiz world that usually gets rid of guys his age … You will never hear Alex being anything but positive and hopeful.”

Keep on fighting, Alex!