Wait, is that you, Alex Trebek?! The 78-year-old TV star is making major headlines this week for returning to Jeopardy sporting a full beard and mustache instead of his usually clean-shaven look. 

“No need to inquire how I spent my summer vacation. Things got a little out of hand,” Alex told the audience on Monday, Sept. 10’s Jeopardy season premiere before adding he hoped his new facial hair wouldn’t be a “distraction for our players.”

Since Alex’s mustache and beard is such a departure from his typical appearance, the Jeopardy official Instagram account played up the host’s new facial hair by posting side-by-side pics of him with and without a beard and asking fans to vote on their favorite look. 

“To beard, or not to beard: that is the question. Vote now! #AlexTrebeard,” the show prompted viewers on Instagram. When Jeopardy put the two looks to a vote, 71 percent of fans suggested Alex “keep it” while 29 percent told the host to “lose it.”

Not surprisngly, many people voiced their opinions on Alex’s new look by commenting on the Jeopardy Instagram post. “That’s a very good looking beard,” one person wrote with another similarly adding, “The beard, you look younger!”

Some people, however, did not like Alex’s facial hair and let him know, too. “I hate beards. No, no!” someone wrote. Another person commented, “No beard. It’s a nice beard as far as beards go but I think it makes him look older.”

alex trebek beard

This interestingly isn’t the first time Alex has made headlines in recent months. In early August, the beloved TV star opened up about possibly retiring from Jeopardy in the coming years. “I’ve never gotten sick of the job,” he exclusively told Closer Weekly before adding, “I have wanted to do other things.”

“I’ll keep hosting as long as my skills haven’t diminished and I still enjoy it,” he also told Closer in 2016. “The thought of retiring occurs to me every so often, but so far I am still enjoying it.”