The woman accused of stalking and harassing Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to a total of 210 days in jail, reports The New York Times.

Genevieve Sabourin, a freelance film publicist and aspiring actress, was charged with two counts of stalking, one count of attempted aggravated harassment, one count of harassment, and one count of contempt of court.

Before the sentencing, Genevieve told the judge, “I haven’t done anything wrong. That’s what I have to say. You are doing a mistake right now.”

When handing down his sentence, Judge Robert Mandelbaum said that Genevieve demonstrated “a complete lack of respect for the legal system” and waged a “relentless and escalating campaign” to harass Alec and Hilaria. “The rules of civil society apply to you as to everyone else,” he added.

The 41-year-old was led away in handcuffs, ending a week of constant courtroom interruptions from the agitated defendant. She will serve 30 days for the contempt of court charge that she received on Wednesday and then an additional 180 days for the other charges, which is the maximum sentence.

Alec reportedly met Genevieve for lunch in 2010 as a favor to producer Martin Bregman who was hoping to connect her with industry insiders. Genevieve claimed throughout the trial that the evening ended with a romantic tryst and that she was just hoping for closure from the former “30 Rock” star.