Getting a perfect family photo with young children is nearly impossible — and Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin definitely know this struggle firsthand! The parents recently took their three kids, Carmen, 4, Rafael, 2, and Leo, 1, to see Santa Claus and to get their obligatory Christmas pic, but it didn’t go as smoothly as they would’ve liked. Watch the video below to see the hilariously dysfunctional family photo!

The perfect family photo is going to be even more difficult to capture next year since the couple is currently expecting their fourth baby together! They announced the happy news in early November, and then a few days later, they shared the baby’s gender in an adorable Instagram video reveal. Even though little Carmen “has been begging for a baby sister,” it looks like she and Hilaria are going to be even more outnumbered by boys! Hilaria is due sometime in spring 2018, so the family-of-five has plenty of time to get ready for the baby boy.

Alec and Hilaria tied the knot back in 2012 and their marriage is stronger than ever! They recently renewed their vows on their fifth wedding anniversary on June 30. “So much has happened in five years, we met each other under a year-and-a-half before we got married,” Hilaria said to Extra. “Our relationship went fast, and our life has changed so much.”

The yoga instructor also revealed that the vow renewal was adorably all Alec’s idea and that they plan on doing it again every five years! “Marriage is something I feel that you’re constantly working on,” the 33-year-old said. “And it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate — which is what we’re doing.” So sweet! We can’t wait for the next Baldwin celebration — the birth of their little boy! — next year, and we’re excited to see more candid photos of the soon-to-be family-of-six. We hope Alec and Hilaria are ready to wrangle together four children for the 2018 Christmas photo!