More than a year after Alan Thicke’s untimely death from a ruptured aorta, members from the cast of his hit show Growing Pains are remembering their TV dad. The late actor portrayed Dr. Jason Seaver on the sitcom, which ran from 1985 until 1982. He was the father to Mike (Kirk Cameron), Carol (Tracey Gold), Ben (Jeremy Miller), and Chrissy (Ashley Johnson), and in a new interview with Today‘s Savannah Guthrie, Kirk, Tracey, and Jeremy reflected on life without Alan.

“It’s still surreal,” Tracey shared. “I mean, it’s still hard to grasp and when we’re together… it’s a reminder.” She continued, “Alan was kind of a constant in all of our lives. Alan kept in touch with all of us. He’s deeply missed.” Jeremy added, “You really notice it every day, especially with things like this. Alan was always a big part of every interview. He would have been here leading the charge.”

Kirk noted that since they were all kids while the show was on, Alan really was a true father figure to them. He shared, “We grew up on the set of Growing Pains, so he was like a father to all of us, while we were working together. We miss him a lot.” Tracey added, “He was the patriarch of the Seavers but also of the set. He set the tone, and it was just a happy place to be.”

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Candace Cameron Bure’s brother first paid tribute to the late actor after his passing in December 2016. “I spent Monday through Friday for seven important years with Alan Thicke as my ‘TV dad.’ I’m shocked and truly heartbroken today at the news of his death,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “Alan was a generous, kind, and loving man. I am so blessed to have grown up with him. [My wife], Chelsea, and I send our love and prayers to his family tonight. We will cherish the memories… ‘sharing the laughter and love.'” Here’s hoping the cast considers a reboot one day, although it wouldn’t be the same without Alan.