The coronavirus has hit the Today show. Shortly after NBC revealed that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, Al Roker and Craig Melvin decided to take precaution and stay at home for the Monday, March 16, episode of the program.

“Before we go further, a personal note for this show: Last night we learned that a colleague of ours on the third hour of Today has tested positive for COVID-19, the novel coronavirus,” Savannah Guthrie said during Al, 65, and Craig’s absence. “So out of an abundance of caution, Craig, 40, and Al have taken the morning off so we can trace their contacts, see what’s going on with them. We promise to keep you posted, both are fine right now, they feel good.” Thank goodness!

Hoda Kotb added that everyone on Today is taking extra precautions to ensure that they remain in good health. “We’re just trying to play exactly by the rules,” she said. “We hope and wish they come back soon.”

Early Monday morning, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim revealed someone on their team caught coronavirus. “We are fully supporting our colleague, who is experiencing mild symptoms and receiving medical care, and I know you join me in sending our very best for a quick recovery,” Noah said.

The president also dispelled any fears that someone else might catch the virus. While talking about their efforts to keep the studio tidy, Noah said, they’re “taking all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our teams, which includes multiple deep cleanings of our offices, control room and Studio 1A.”

If that’s not enough, Savannah, 48, also helped families stay calm by sharing a helpful handwashing video to Instagram. In a short clip, she showed how taking 20 seconds out of your day to wash your hands can be fun if you just add a little bit of music. The mom of two was seen humming a tune with her daughter, Vale, while she applied soap and water to her 5-year-old’s hands.

“Making hand washing fun ✔️Making corona less scary for little ones ✔️,” Savannah captioned the video. Now that’s something Al and Craig can do with their families at home!