Get ready for Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to team up again, as the pair may be joining forces in the near future.

“She’s a guarantee, always,” Adam, 50, told when asked if people can expect another movie from him and the Santa Clarita Diet alum, 44. “She’s a guarantee happy time for me.” The iconic comedian was at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala in NYC on January 9th, to be honored for his performance in his latest film, Uncut Gems.

“Nobody’s sweeter and I’m going to see her tonight. She’s presenting me this award and I can’t wait!” Adam gushed to the outlet. Drew couldn’t help but to praise her longtime pal during her speech to the notable crowd.

Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore
Lexie Moreland/WWD/Shutterstock

“I love this man so much and I have always believed in him,” the actress said. “This moment could honestly could [not] be more deserved. I know that everyone is rooting for you because you have earned everyone’s respect. You deserve the best, you give the best and you are the best. I love you very much.”

“To make people laugh is really the most healing thing we can do on this earth and that is Adam Sandler in a nutshell to me.” the mother-of-two continued, as she noted the first time she met the A-lister.

“I told him, I know that we are destined to work together. I know we are a match and I believe you in so much. I want to be like [Audrey] Hepburn and [Spencer] Tracy even though we don’t look like them, but I just I want to be in this partnership with you,” Drew recalled.

Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore

The famous costars have been in three movies together over the years — all hits. The first was 1998’s The Wedding Singer. That was followed by the extremely popular 50 First Dates in 2004. It would be another 10 years before the duo would share a set again, as 2014’s Blended was a much-needed reunion.

We can’t wait to see what else this fantastic pair has in store for everyone. We sure hope there is another romantic comedy in the works!