This is not ok! During a recent episode of The View, pregnant co-host Abby Huntsman revealed she’s been body-shamed since announcing she’s expecting twins with her husband, Jeffrey Bruce Livingston. When Abby’s co-star Whoopi Goldberg started an on-air discussion about Melissa McCarthy confessing she was once criticized for her “tremendous size” during an interview, the 32-year-old shared her own experience with being slammed for her weight.

Melissa McCarthy Says The ‘Emphasis’ On Her Body Is ‘Bizarre’ — ‘I Think People Still Want Perfect’

“I’ve experienced a whole new level being pregnant this time. I will tell you, the last few days there have been more people that have said to me, ‘Oh, you’re only four months along? You look a lot further than that, you look a lot bigger than you should be at this point,'” Abby explained about the hurtful comments. “Things that, like, I’m sorry, but you just don’t say that. If you’re pregnant, you just want the kids to be healthy, you don’t care what size you are.”

Abby’s colleague Meghan McCain couldn’t agree more and since Meghan has been body-shamed by inconsiderate journalists herself in the past, she knew exactly what Abby was talking about. Meghan said that reporters have told her, “you’re so brave, you never lost weight,” but they never realized how offensive and hurtful their comments really were.

“I wish for women we could just get past the point that everyone everywhere has to be a size 0 or 2 to be successful in any field because it’s a load of bull crap,” Meghan told the audience.

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Abby previously announced during The View‘s Jan. 2 episode that she’s expecting twins — her second and third child! — with husband Jeffrey. “We are pregnant, my husband and I. And we’re having a girl… and a boy,” she told the excited audience. “Everyone at this table’s been so supportive.” We just hope Abby gets to enjoy the rest of her pregnancy without people body-shaming her!