True friendship. Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman‘s bond is certainly something that won’t be breaking apart anytime soon, as the two close pals recently revealed just how close they truly are.

“We’re like salt and pepper, right?” Abby, 33, told People with her The View cohost, 35, sitting next to her. “I always say, ‘Everyone needs salt and pepper and you need them both together.’ You don’t just want the pepper and you don’t just want the salt.” The pair have been friends for quite some time, even before they found themselves sitting next to each other at the ABC daytime talk show. In fact, Abby recalled exactly how they met.

Meghan McCain Abby Huntsman

“I think it was my mom, she was like, ‘You and Meghan have so much in common, you guys have got to just connect,’” Abby told the outlet, adding that she texted John McCain‘s daughter and asked her if she wanted to get a drink while they were both living in New York City.

“We have had so many bad experiences in this industry, where women were not supporting other women. And I’ve seen it and experienced it, and Abby’s seen it and experienced it,” Meghan chimed in. “Everybody always tries to pit us against each other or act like there’s only one job for one politician’s daughter. … And we said the day we got margaritas that we were never going to go low and be that and not support each other.” Fast-forward to today and the duo have been in each other’s corners through it all.

“Since margaritas to now, she’s had three children, my dad died, I had a miscarriage, we work on The f–king View,” the Dirty Sexy Politics author added. “It’s good for me to give a little bit of me to her and her to give a little bit of me.” The two have gotten so close that Abby was one of the first people Meghan told about her miscarriage.

“We were texting each other and I’m like, ‘I’m here for you,’ she’s like, ‘I’m here for you,’” Abby said of the moment. “And I’m like, Here we are, two women going through very scary things, very emotional things, and we can still — she was there for me, supportive and loving, no matter what she went through. And I think that told me so much about her as a person.”

“You make me stronger,” Meghan included. So incredible.

We expect this friendship to last forever — especially if Abby and Meghan continue to Facetime “almost every night” like they’ve been doing!