He’s a brown-eyed, curly-haired 33-year-old with the voice of an angel — but you already knew all that about singing sensation Josh Groban!

We caught up with the nerdy-chic vocalist at Variety magazine’s Power of Women Luncheon to find out 5 new things we didn’t previously know about the Los Angeles-native. Here’s what we learned!

Closer Weekly: What is your favorite weekend activity?

Josh Groban: “Flying lessons. I’m going to get my pilot’s license. So I go to upstate New York, Westchester County Airport, and take lessons on the weekends. It’s fun.”

josh groban


CW: Are you a morning person or night owl?

JG: “Night, definitely night!”

CW: What is your spirit animal?

JG: “The slow loris. Your readers have to look it up. It is the most adorable, tiny little creature with gigantic eyes and he eats tiny little rice balls and he’s just like, ‘Can I please have some more?’ Trust me, trust me on this! You have to Google it!”

slow loris

CW: Homemade or store-bought gifts?

JG: “I love receiving homemade gifts. I’m not great at making them. I do like a nice macaroni necklace, you know sprinkled with glue. I think that’s real nice. Shows you care.”

CW: Favorite U.S. city?

JG: “I’ve gotta go with New York. I think for me it is the whole world wrapped in a very, very small area. I think that it’s everything at your fingertips, it is 24/7 cultural, anything you could possibly want. And for me, the chaos calms me. That’s why I love it.”

new york