Ok, let me start this conversation like this. I’ve done the research and found that only a few vendors sell real Instagram auto likes on the internet.

Four vendors, to be exact.

These are:

  1. Likes.io
  2. Followers.io
  3. Stormlikes.net
  4. Social-Viral.com

My research sample featured more than 20 vendors, took 30+ days, and cost hundreds of dollars.

(That’s me for you. I put the right energy into my research.)

Having found the best sites to buy Instagram auto likes, I feel compelled to share them with others, so people don’t end up buying fake and bot IG likes. There are many of those on the internet, by the way. I won’t mention names, but out of the 20 providers I sampled, only those four I mentioned delivered the best forms of Instagram auto likes.

What we’ll cover in this post:

  • What are Instagram auto likes?
  • Overview of the 4 best sites to buy Instagram auto likes
  • The concept of the “7 exposing metrics” – the yardstick for determining the 4 best auto likes providers
  • How to buy Instagram auto likes effectively and safely
  • Why buy auto likes?
  • Dangers of buying fake/bot auto likes: Buying from other providers
  • Conclusion

What are Instagram auto likes?

“Instagram auto likes” refers to automatically generated likes for the videos, photos, and stories on someone’s Instagram profile.

When you buy auto likes, it means you’re instructing the provider to automatically detect when you make new posts and then fill up the posts with new likes.

Instagram auto likes save on time and resources so you can focus on creating more posts. The posts you make, including video posts, will receive more likes instantly.

Overview of the 4 best sites to buy Instagram auto likes


When you visit the Likes.io website, this is the first thing that welcomes you.

auto likes

As you can see, that’s a testament that Likes.io offers:

  • Instant delivery
  • Real auto likes from real people
  • Free views on all your videos
  • Fast delivery
  • Around the clock customer support

Besides these features, here are some other perks that show why Likes.io is among the best sites to buy Instagram auto likes.

  • Targeted automatic likes – Get likes from specific countries, regions, and interest groups.
  • Genuine likes – Get likes from people with profile pictures, a high number of followers, stories, and active engagement.
  • Likes customization – You can choose how you want your likes to be split amongst your posts. You can also select between getting your likes immediately after you publish your posts, a few hours later, or bit by bit over time.
  • Automatic detection of uploads – Sit back and relax. No more rushing to buy likes every time you upload a new post.
  • Tailored pricing – Don’t like the price plans you find on their site? Feel free to demand a custom offer.
  • Matching video views – Why spend extra on video views when Likes.io can bring you free views? For every auto like you get on your video, you also get a free view. This is further testament that real people are indeed behind the likes from Likes.io.
  • No password required – Scared of sharing your account details with people? Don’t worry. Likes.io doesn’t require your password to do their magic.
  • Access to auto likers: Auto likers are tools that help you interact automatically with thousands of accounts of similar interests. When you buy auto Instagram likes from Likes.io, you enjoy access to the auto likers tool, and this exposes your brand/page to a greater audience.


When you visit Followers.io, this is what you see:


As you can see, Followers.io is more of a growth service rather than an outright vendor of auto likes. What that means is that they don’t just sell auto likes the way other vendors do. Instead, they assign you an account manager – someone who handles and monitors the growth of your account.

Upon signing up, this manager is the person you’ll specify your targeting instructions to. They’ll see to it that you get authentic, real-time auto likes. In the event you have any complaints about the likes you get, your manager is always there to receive and address your concerns. So there’s no cause for alarm.

Key features of Followers.io include:

  • Strictly genuine auto likes coming from targeted audiences
  • Instant or gradual delivery of likes
  • Slow delivery of likes ­– This keeps your account from getting flagged by Instagram. Usually, likes will arrive 10 minutes after placing your order.
  • Password-less purchase
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Featured at Mailchimp, Vimeo


Stormlikes is one of the pioneering companies of Instagram auto likes. They’ve been delivering genuine auto likes to clients for longer than I can recall.

That said, when you buy Instagram likes from Stormlikes, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Swift detection of uploads – Stormlikes detects every new post 30 seconds after they go live.
  • Verifiable automatic likes – You have the right to verify the authenticity of each auto like that Stormlikes provides on your posts.
  • Targeted auto likes – Stormlikes allows you to dictate the gender, country, and interest groups that you want to like your posts.
  • Instant or gradual delivery – Get all your likes in one fell swoop or let them roll in gradually.
  • Non-disappearing likes
  • Ultra-fast delivery – Stormlikes boasts the fastest delivery speed in the industry. Their likes take split seconds to materialize.
  • Auto likers – When you buy Stormlikes’ auto likes, you also enjoy access to their auto likers. Auto likers are tools that help you automatically interact with other Instagrammers. With this interaction, you expose your brand to more people and ultimately increase your followers, numbers of likes, and brand popularity.
  • Matching views – Get the same number of views as the likes you buy.


The selling point of Social-Viral is in its fair pricing and authenticity of packages. This is why when you visit their site, you’ll be greeted by this:


At $9.99/50 likes, Social-Viral boasts the cheapest packages of any provider in the industry.

Other exciting benefits include:

  • High-quality auto likes – likes from real accounts
  • Permanent auto likes – you won’t ever see your likes disappearing over time
  • Instant or gradual delivery
  • Password-less purchase
  • Location and gender-targeted likes
  • Automatic detection of uploads


The concept of the “7 Exposing Metrics” – the yardstick for determining the 4 best auto likes providers

To discover the 4 best auto likes providers described above, I researched and tested 20 different providers. I deployed SEVEN actionable tests to determine the best out of them.

I called these tests the 7 Exposing Metrics.

They include:

  1. Source of auto likes
  2. Nature of accounts behind auto likes
  3. Speed of delivery of likes
  4. Targeted likes
  5. Customizability
  6. Reviews and testimonials (reputable influencers, Trustpilot, site reviews)
  7. Pricing

The 7 Exposing Metrics to determine the 4 best sites to buy auto Instagram likes

1) Source of likes

Every one of the 20 providers claimed they delivered “real likes from real people.” But I’ve learned not to believe what brands say (don’t tell me you’re rich, show me your assets). So I checked each one’s website and online reviews for proof of where their likes were coming from.

Guess what? Only the four that I listed above gave a mention of the sources of their likes.

How Likes.io gets its likes

When you place an order, Likes.io automatically pitches your posts to thousands of users. Having mastered their art, they know the audience to pitch for different customers, so you don’t have to worry.

(In case you’re wondering, all this happens within seconds.)

How Followers.io gets its likes

Followers.io has a large network of real users who will immediately rush to your account. So, technically speaking, your likes are coming from their well of users.

How Stormlikes.com gets its likes

They actively interact with thousands of people on your behalf so that anytime you drop a new post, these people (who have been incentivized) will drop a like.

How Social-Viral gets its likes

Through traditional marketing practices. They start by promoting your page on their own platforms, platforms of their exclusive networks (which, by the way, feature over 5,000,000+ targeted users), and other sites and apps.


2) Nature of the accounts behind the likes

It is not enough to confirm the sources of your likes. Sometimes it’s best to do a manual check to verify the authenticity of the likes you get from a provider.

So, I bought auto likes from 20 different vendors and checked for myself. (I bought between 50 and 100 auto likes from each vendor’s site.) After checking the accounts behind the likes one by one, only the four listed above had real people behind their likes.

From Likes.io to Followers.io, Stormlikes to Social-Viral, I got likes from people who had:

  • Real and trustworthy account names
  • Profile photos
  • Active pages
  • And engaging posts.

Here is a snapshot of the 50 auto likes I bought from Likes.io:


Did you notice? Many of the accounts behind my likes had dogs on their profiles. You know why? Because I instructed Likes.io to bring me likes from dog/pet-inclined people.

Unfortunately, I can’t begin to share snapshots of all the accounts behind the likes I got from the four vendors above. But not to worry, you can try any one of the four to see for yourself.

(If you’re disappointed, I promise you a refund. LOL)


3) Speed of delivery

The whole point of buying Instagram auto likes is to bring likes to your posts almost instantly. Any service you’re buying should be one with a system capable of delivering this.

So, what did I do? After placing an order on each of the vendor’s sites, I opened my Instagram, placed my phone beside me, and set my stopwatch to find out how long it took each vendor to deliver my order.

On this note, Likes.io, Followers.io, Stormlikes.net, and Social-Viral.com were once again amongst the fastest to deliver my order.

To be precise, Stormlikes was the fastest. It took them only 16 seconds before my notifications started popping up.

The top 6 fastest providers of auto likes were (in their order of delivery speed):

Stormlikes – 16.92 seconds

Likes.io – 20.24 seconds

XYZ1 provider – 31 seconds

XYZ2 provider – 33.24 seconds

Social-Viral – 35 seconds

XYZ3 provider – 40 seconds

Followers.io took 10 minutes to deliver. That’s kinda slow. But that’s to be expected from a platform that assigns a dedicated account manager to each customer.


4) Targeted likes

A good seller of auto likes should ask you questions like “Who is your target audience?”, “Which country do you want your auto likes to come from?” and “How many male vs female accounts do you want to like your posts?” This data is what they’ll use to know where to bring your likes from.

So, I wanted to see which provider used this approach best. You guessed already: the four guys mentioned above.

See Stormlikes, for example:


And Likes.io:


5) Customizability

A good provider of Instagram likes must offer the following customization features:

  1. Ability to delay likes – Since it’s not always good to get your likes in one fell swoop (more on this later)
  2. Ability to choose how to split likes – Since you may wish to spread your likes across multiple videos and photos.

As expected, each of the four providers under discussion offers these.

Although there are other providers who offer just one of these customization features, Likes.io, Stormlikes, Followers.io, and Social-Viral are the only vendors around who provide both.

See what we have on the Social-Viral site:


And on the Stormlikes site:


6) Reviews and testimonials

What are people saying about these services? Based on my survey of 20 auto likes providers, Likes.io, Followers.io, Stormlikes.net, and Social-Viral are the best-scoring vendors on most major review platforms, like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, etc.

Likes.io currently has a score of 5.0/5.0 on Sitejabber.


Followers.io currently has a score of 5.0/5.0 on Sitejabber, and it’s featured on Stripe, Mailchimp, and Reddit.


Stormlikes.net currently has a score of 3.5/5.0 on SiteJabber, and it’s ranked the 76th Social Media Tools site.

Storm likes

Social Viral currently has an online review score of 4.8/5, according to the rating on the site.


7) Pricing

At the end of the day, price is one important factor that everybody considers. And on this note, I present to you the four cheapest and most affordable Instagram auto likes providers in the industry.

Likes.io sells 1000 auto likes for $89.99, Followers.io sells them for $70.99, Stormlikes.com sells them for $99.99, and Social-Viral sells theirs for $84.90.

In comparison to these four, most vendors in the industry sell 1000 IG auto likes for $100+.

How to buy Instagram auto likes effectively and safely

I’ve heard people saying things like Instagram flagged/blocked me for buying likes. Yes, Instagram will flag your account if you don’t buy likes sensibly.

According to Instagram’s Community Guidelines, “Buying fake followers is officially banned and is considered fraudulent. The platform can punish your account permanently without the possibility of recovery.”

Let’s not mince words; buying likes is not an organic thing to do. If anything, it’s an attempt to game the algorithm and impress other users.

Therefore, you need to do it strategically. Otherwise, you’ll pay the price for not being subtle.

How to buy likes safely

If you want to buy auto likes without falling foul of Instagram, there are three things you must always do.

  1. Determine the number of likes to buy using the formula I’m going to show you
  2. Always delay the delivery of your likes
  3. Always include lots of hashtags on your posts

With these three tricks, your bought likes will appear organic in the eyes of Instagram and other users.

Formula to determine the number of likes to buy

Y = 0.5X

Where Y = Number of likes to buy; X = Number of followers you have.

The essence of the “X” factor in the formula is to ensure you don’t buy more likes than the number of followers you have. For instance, if you have 1000 followers and you go ahead and buy 3000 likes for your posts, Instagram will sense foul play immediately.

So, according to the formula, if you have 1000 followers, the average number of likes to buy should be 500.

Now, the idea is not to buy all 500 in one fell swoop. Instead, you need to spread it over a given period. I’ll show you the best ratio to spread out your likes.

Formula to determine how to delay and spread your auto likes

Tell the provider to spread your likes based on the following correlation:

  1. 50% for the first three hours after you post.
  2. A break of a few hours with no activity.
  3. 20% for the next three hours after that.
  4. Another break of a few hours with no activity.
  5. End that day with a batch of 10%.
  6. Then return the next day with the last 20% of likes.

That is, if you order 500 auto likes, instead of sending them all at once, they should follow this order:

  1. Say you start at 8 AM. Have your provider send a total of 250 likes in the first three hours after you post. This can be split in the form of 60 likes in the first 30 minutes (until 8:30), 20 likes in the next 15 minutes (8:45), 70 likes in the next one hour (9:45), 10 likes in the next 15 minutes (10 AM), and finally 90 likes in the next hour (11 AM).
  2. Have no likes come in till2 PM?
  3. Then around 2 PM, have them send a total of 100 likes split across three hours (until 5 PM).
  4. Have no likes come in till10 PM?
  5. Around 10 PM, have them send a total of 50 likes split across three hours (until 1 AM).
  6. Finally, they should complete the order on the second day with the remaining 100 likes.

Note: This correlation is not hard science, which means you can always develop yours based on the number of likes you’re buying. The idea is to spread your likes over a given period and not roll them in all at once.

Why it is important to follow the above formula

The reason is because Instagram is constantly monitoring suspicious and inauthentic activities on people’s accounts. If they notice you get 2000 likes on your post at all once, and then afterward, you don’t get any more likes on that same post, they’ll sense foul play.

Everybody knows that when you post on IG, likes don’t come in all at once. Instead, they come in as different users see and interact with your post. And that takes time.

Seeing you getting thousands of likes and not getting anything after that is a little bit suspicious. That’s why the above formula is essential.

Why buy Instagram auto likes?

1) It saves you the stress and time of ordering Instagram likes over and over

Those who know the importance of buying likes also know how stressful it can be to order likes every time you make a new post. Auto likes make life easier.

With auto likes, you no longer have to keep ordering likes. The entire process is automated. Just publish your post, and leave the rest to the provider.

2) It makes your post instantly appealing to others

When Instagram users scroll past your photos or videos, they’re more likely to double-tap if they see that other accounts have already liked your post.

That’s where auto likes come in. With auto likes, every time you make a new post, it will be automatically liked within seconds, encouraging anyone who sees it afterward to interact with it.

3) It helps push your post into the Instagram explore page

The number of likes a post gets per hour of its publication is what Instagram uses to curate the explore page. If your post starts to get likes two or three days after publishing, it may never make the explore page. But with auto likes, likes are rolled out in seconds (max hours) after you publish it.

4) It makes Instagram place your post at the top of your followers’ feeds

When it comes to organizing posts on people’s feeds, after “time of the post,” “time of engagement on the post” is the next most important thing. Instagram gives priority to posts that get engagement (likes, comments) quickly over posts that take too long to get noticed.

5) It helps people discover your posts faster

When people search for hashtags, Instagram shows them results based on posts with the highest engagement (likes, comments) and posts with the most time-relevant engagement.

This is why you don’t see posts with likes or comments from one month ago when searching hashtags on Instagram.

With auto likes, all your posts will be liked within hours of upload, making them time-relevant in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.

Dangers of buying fake/bot Instagram auto likes

To enjoy the aforementioned benefits of auto likes, you need to ensure your posts are getting strictly genuine automatic likes.

Instagram has a way of verifying the authenticity of the likes coming into a page, especially when they’re coming in large numbers.

Below are some of the signals they use to determine the authenticity of the likes on an account.

  1. “If we find signs of automation, such as bot accounts for example.”

This means that if Instagram suspects your likes are coming from bot accounts, they may flag the likes as ingenuine. In case you’re wondering, Instagram has a way of identifying machine/bot accounts.

  1. Likes coming from “accounts potentially engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

This means that if you’re getting likes from people/accounts that are on Instagram’s blacklist, the algorithm will flag your likes.

Most bot likes are from these kinds of accounts.

  1. Likes coming from “a majority of people that are in a different country from your location.”

This means if you’re mostly getting likes from people who are in different countries from you, the algorithm will also flag your likes.

When you buy likes from vendors that don’t offer country- or location-specific packages, you risk getting on the bad side of IG. Such a vendor may not have the resources to provide likes from accounts in your country.

So, how can you make sure your post/account doesn’t violate all these conditions when you buy auto likes?

The solution is to buy from one of the sites I mentioned earlier – Likes.io, Followers.io, Stormlikes.net, and Social-Viral.com.

Having tested over 20 sites, only those four satisfied these conditions specified by Instagram.


Buying Instagram auto likes is a profitable action to take. But you need to ensure you’re buying from the best vendors to enjoy the benefits.

These four sites we’ve discussed are, by far, the best in the industry.

Feel free to spend your hard-earned cash on unethical vendors that put your account at risk. But if I were you, I’d go with the best in the game.