Sandra Bullock's Ageless Face Is Likely Due to the ~Magical~ Work of Botox! (EXCLUSIVE)

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We know that Sandra Bullock looks pretty much ageless — but that leaves many fans wondering whether or not she's had plastic surgery on her face! Closer Weekly exclusively spoke with three experts (they have never actually worked with Sandra) who revealed what they think she might be doing to keep her face looking gorgeous and youthful. And, we must say, we were surprised to hear some of these revelations...

"Yes, it looks like Sandra is a regular user of Botox as far back as 2006. Back then, she was probably getting too much and whoever injected her [face] arched her eyebrows too much. This made her eyes look angry. [Newer photos show] that whoever is treating her now has been able to give her a softer, more natural shape to her brows," Dr. Adam H. Hamawy, MD, FACS told Closer. Dr. Andrew Miller, a leading board certified facial plastic surgeon in NYC and NJ, agreed and added, "If anything, it would be a little Botox between the eyebrows because you can see they are slightly lifted."

Sandra in 2006 (left) vs. Sandra in 2016 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian — a leading board certified facial plastic surgeon and world-renowned facial feminization surgeon in Jupiter, FL — also shared, "Her forehead is smooth and her eyebrows are nicely arched, suggesting that she might have had Botox... She has lost some volume of the lower cheeks... normally that would be accompanied with loss of volume if the cheekbones (or high cheeks) but we do not quite see that," he said.

"Therefore it is plausible to think that she had fillers to her cheekbones to increase their volume and to improve their contour," he continued. "Her lips appear mostly unchanged so some filler in the lips with a natural outcome is a possibility."

Sandra has never really publicly spoken out about any procedures she may have or not have gotten done, but Botox or not, there's no denying Sandra is still Miss Congeniality in our books!

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