No, Prince Charles Isn't Queen Elizabeth's Only Child — Meet Her Other Royal Kids!

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We’re all royally fixated on the British throne, thanks in no small part to Netflix’s The Crown. And the matriarch of the royal family is, of course, Queen Elizabeth, who has reigned over the United Kingdom for 65 years now. Even more impressively, she did so while raising four children! So now, many fans are curious: how many kids does Elizabeth have?

The answer? Four! Elizabeth and Prince Philipe's eldest is Prince Charles, who is first in the line of succession. Charles, born in 1948, captured Britain’s attention with his 1981 wedding to Princess Diana and then with their 1996 divorce amid his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he married in 2005.

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Next came Princess Anne, who was born in 1950. Aside from her philanthropic ventures, Anne’s big claim to fame is her talent as an equestrian. She won the European Eventing Championship in 1971 and even competed in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal in 1976. In 1960, Queen Elizabeth welcomed a third child, Prince Andrew. Andrew currently holds the title of commander and vice admiral of the Royal Navy, but those ranks aren’t just for show. He served as a helicopter pilot and warship captain and saw active duty during the Falklands War.

Last, but never least, came Prince Edward, who was born in 1964. In 1993, Edward tried to get into showbiz as the founder of Ardent Productions, but the production company was liquidated in 2009 with just $52 of assets. These days, though, we’re focused on a new generation — Charles’s kids, namely! Prince William is expecting his third kid with Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry is smitten with Suits actress Meghan Markle. Maybe we’ll see their story in, what, The Crown Season 10?

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