Nancy Reagan Visits Ronald Reagan's Grave On the Anniversary of His Death

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Closer Weekly

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s death, and his son, Michael Reagan, tells Closer Weekly that despite her age and fragility, former first lady Nancy Reagan wouldn’t skip it for the world.

“Nancy, every year, has gone back and visited my father’s grave,” her stepson Michael exclusively tells Closer of the 92-year-old (she made it there last year with the help of a wheelchair.)

“That’s a private time she has with her thoughts, and it’s important for her to have that moment.”

Nancy Reagan

Mrs. Reagan visits her late husband's gravesite one year after his death

This year, in light of the special anniversary, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library in Simi Valley, Calif., is hosting a commemorative program featuring a keynote address from Reagan’s chief of staff, James Baker.

Although Nancy is older and the trip may be hard for her, Michael confirms to Closer that his stepmother remains vibrant. “She’s 92, but she’s still kicking!” he tells the mag.

He also explains in his interview to Closer how his father and Mrs. Reagan complemented each other and developed a deep love. “They both had what the other needed. Nancy raised a family and Dad went out there and raised America.”

“There was that great respect,” Michael tells the mag. “She knows that when she leaves this world, she’ll be reunited with the man she loved for all those years. Theirs is a love that knows no bounds.”

Ronald Reagan

Reagan family photo circa 1985 including Michael (far left), President Reagan (second from left) and Mrs. Reagan (center)

And Mrs. Reagan’s statement to Closer Weekly, which the mag previously reported, proves his point: "It is really hard for me to believe that Ronnie has been gone for ten years," the First Lady tells Closer. "I still feel his presence every day and often find him in my dreams at night."

"Many people have told me how much they wish we could have 'another Ronald Reagan' back in Washington, and I can’t argue their logic,” Mrs. Reagan added to Closer.

“But for me there will be only the one Ronald Reagan, a man that was both the love of my life and one of the greatest leaders this country has ever produced."

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