Prince Harry Doesn't Know Meghan Markle's Dress Designer, Wants to Be Surprised on Wedding Day (REPORT)

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With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's May 19 nuptials only one month away, royal fans can't help but wonder what the Suits star's wedding dress will look like. But apparently we're not the only ones who don't know what the brunette beauty will walk down the aisle in — Harry reportedly has no idea either.

"He’s being very traditional and wants it to be a complete surprise on the day," a source told Daily Mail in mid-April. We guess we'll all have to wait and see who designed her gown in a few weeks. Scroll down to see everything we know about Meghan's gown so far!

Who will design Meghan Markle's wedding dress?

Though Meghan has not yet officially revealed the designer of her gown, bookmakers recently reported an unexpected uplift in bets for Alexander McQueen, the fashion house that designed Kate Middleton's dress for her 2011 wedding. In fact, the bets were so huge that Betfair had previously suspended all betting on Meghan’s choice of designer. "We previously had Ralph and Russo as the 2/1 favorites, and there’s also been a lot of talk of Erdem as a big frontrunner. However, we’ve now suspended this market after seeing some interesting betting on Alexander McQueen this morning who went from 16/1 to 8/1 in a very short space of time," a spokesperson for Betfair revealed in March.

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Many also think Meghan's close friend Misha Nonoo — who introduced her to Harry! — may help create the frock. According to ABC News, Misha could be the perfect designer for Meghan's dress because she can combine both British and American fashion trends. She was raised in London but now has a showroom in NYC! It's also believed that Meghan's longtime Toronto-based stylist, Jessica Mulroney, could contribute to her wedding-day look. Additionally, the actress allegedly considered two of Princess Diana's favorite designers, Catherine Walker and Amanda Wakeley, as well as the creator of Kate's royal wedding gown, Jenny Packham. But in January, Good Morning America reported that Meghan has already chosen her wedding dress designer with the help of her stylist friend, Jessica.

"Sources tell me that Meghan Markle has officially picked a wedding dress designer and had her first fitting at Kensington Palace last week. BFF and bridal expert Jessica Mulroney is guiding Meghan through the process and quietly flew into London on Jan. 10, spending four days at the couple's Nottingham Cottage home. I'm told that they went through a number of options with the designer and Meghan was 'incredibly excited' to see things start coming together," Royal reporter Omid Scobie revealed.

Meghan and Misha in 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

"Jessica, who is an accomplished fashion advisor and a bridal stylist, has helped piece together a number of Meghan's most recent looks (including her iconic engagement announcement outfit). She is also helping with several other wedding day elements. Right now only a small, select group of people know the designer's name, so don't expect to find out anytime soon. Even Harry made himself scarce during the first fitting." So exciting!

Regardless of who designs Meghan's gown, the bride-to-be's budget for the dress just reportedly doubled. According to a report in Look magazine, a staggering $560,000 has been spent on fashion and beauty in the lead up to the wedding, with the majority of that sum covering Meghan’s dress. "Meghan is like any other bride preparing for her dream day," a source told the magazine. "The wedding dress has been the biggest expense, and the budget has now doubled from what it originally was." Kate’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress allegedly cost around $350,000 back in 2011.

What will Meghan Markle's wedding dress look like?

In a previous interview with Glamour, Meghan described her perfect wedding dress: "I have the luxury of wearing beautiful pieces of clothing every day for work, so my personal style — wedding or not — is very pared down and relaxed. Classic and simple is the name of the game, perhaps with a modern twist. I personally prefer wedding dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic. Delphine Manivet and Christos Costarellos are faves of mine for their uniqueness and beauty. And I will always be a fan of Ellie Saab. J. Mendel is spectacular as well, especially for more structural designs." She also said she "happens to love" a "low ballerina inspired neckline" on wedding gowns and her all-time favorite celebrity wedding dress belonged to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Meghan wants her royal wedding dress to be more traditional than modern — we can't wait to see what she wears!

What did Meghan Markle's first wedding dress look like?

When Meghan tied the knot with her first husband, Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, in September 2011, she wore a dress that will likely be much different than her royal wedding gown. Six years ago, Meghan donned a strapless, white frock adorned with a silver, beaded belt under the bust. The look was pretty and perfectly casual for the bride's low-key beach wedding.

What are some predictions on the style of dress she might pick?

There are a lot of options she might go with, from traditional to princess to even the royal standard of lace. After thinking of numerous predictions of what Meghan might wear, we narrowed it down to the eight most popular wedding styles. And hey, since we're visual people, we edited photos of the bride-to-be wearing the gowns. Honestly, we can't decide which one we love more! Scroll down to see our royal wedding dress predictions for Meghan!

If she chooses bohemian...

Although it's not an aesthetic most royal brides choose, if Meghan goes down this route, expect elegant floral headpieces, Rapunzel braids, and flowy gowns with lots of movement.

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If she chooses traditional...

You can never go wrong with the "strapless wedding gown," and since they're the most popular style of bridal dresses right now, there's a huge chance Meghan might choose one — hopefully with a sweetheart neckline like this gorgeous ensemble.

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If she chooses high fashion...

Considering Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding is going to be the biggest ceremony of the year, it wouldn't be a surprise if Meghan went with a big name designer like Vera Wang or even Valentino. Despite being a little unconventional, we're sure Meghan can pull anything off.

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If she chooses to go short...

A short wedding dress is a little unconventional for most women, but if Meghan wants to be daring, a short wedding dress that shows off her long, elegant legs would definitely get everyone talking!

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If she goes the princess route...

Although Meghan won't technically be a princess, her induction into the royal family is as close to a fairytale story as anything else. A fluffy dress with a tiara will be the perfect look to finish off her new life as the prince's wife.

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If she chooses lace...

Lace is the most popular pick amongst royal brides. If Meghan chooses this look, she'll be joining the ranks of fellow brides like Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly who wore similar dresses.

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If she chooses sexy...

Now this is a bit of a risk! Royal brides don't typically wear overly flashy or sultry gowns, but if Meghan wants to be daring, this look will definitely get everyone's attention!

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If she chooses to keep it simple...

Typically when a woman marries into the royal family, they're expected to be a bit demure with their gown choice. That's what Kate Middleton did, and if Meghan also chooses to do this, we can totally understand why. She'll look amazing regardless!

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