Marilu Henner: I Saved My Husband From Cancer

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Sitcom queen Marilu Henner has made fans laugh onscreen for decades, but in a revealing interview with Closer, the "Taxi" star explains that offscreen, she helped her husband, Michael Brown, beat cancer.

“He had been diagnosed with bladder cancer two months into our relationship, then two months later got the lung cancer diagnosis,” Marilu tells Closer about her husband, who she’s known since her teens and reconnected just 11 years ago.

Marilu exclusively reveals that she’s now working on her 10th book, "How I Cured My Husband’s Cancer," which shares her journey of helping her husband beat his disease.

“It’s a memoir of everything he did to put his cancer in remission. I took him around the country, put a protocol together and said, 'We are going to save your life.' That’s what we did.”

Marilu tells the mag that her interest in health stemmed from losing both of her parents at the young ages of 52 and 58.

“I’ve been doing health for so long and I got into it after my parents died, both very young…. After my mother died, I became a student of health.”

Approaching her 62nd birthday this April, Marilu, who stars in Hallmark Channel‘s upcoming "June in January," says she has a lot to be thankful for — her health, family and long, successful career.

"I can’t believe it, but I feel so good!” Marilu says. “Retire? I don’t know what that word means. I just keep moving and don’t stop!”


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