Videos: Late-Night Remembers Trailblazer Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers' breakout moment came on late-night television, so it was only fitting that hosts like David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to the spitfire comedienne on Thursday following her death at the age of 81.

After becoming the only permanent guest host for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, the entertainer was the first and only woman to ever headline her own late-night program, The Late Show starring Joan Rivers.

Although the show wasn't a success, Joan continued to make millions laugh with her no-holds-barred humor. Read and watch the late-night boys' heartfelt comments about her below.

David Letterman, Late Show

"Talk about guts...She stood behind her jokes and, to my knowledge, would say these things and would never apologize," Dave said, noting she worked 300 dates a year and wrote 12 best-selling books. "The force and power of her comedy was overwhelming."

Conan O'Brien

"Joan Rivers would fill in for Johnny Carson and when she did, it was an event. Everybody in the country would talk about it the next day."

Jimmy Kimmel

"Joan was a very lucky person because she loved her job so much. She never wanted to stop, and she didn't have to stop because she was so great at it," the host said, before playing a clip from the performer's most recent interview on the show.

Jimmy's guest, Sarah Silverman, also fondly remembered the comedy pioneer, sharing, "She was a hero to me...She loved with her whole heart and she also hated with her whole heart."

Jon Stewart, Daily Show

"There are few people in my business that you can say are, or were, actual groundbreaking talent. Joan Rivers was one of them."

Craig Ferguson, Late Late Show

"I just hope that when Joan meets the man upstairs he is wearing something she can insult."

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