Jaclyn Smith, Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson Open Up About Their Secrets to Being Sex Symbols and Role Models

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At their peak, they were every boy’s fantasy and the kind of strong, sexy women every girl wanted to grow up to become.

Jaclyn Smith, Lynda Carter and Loni Anderson all open up in the new issue of Closer Weekly to share what it really means to be a sex symbol — and a role model.

Lynda, who flew her invisible plane to stardom as Wonder Woman in 1975 said of this generation’s overexposed starlets, “Reality television is fun to watch, and I enjoy being voyeuristic, but I think it feeds into narcissism,” she shared with Closer. “It’s not about standing up for a cause. It’s not about good music. It’s not about anything.”

Lynda Carter

Lynda as Wonder Woman in 1977. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Unlike many young celebs today, these beauties of the 70s purposely maintained a sense of modesty. “I didn’t want kids giving my daughter a hard time if someone brought a nude picture of me to show-and-tell,” Loni says.

“I don’t really see myself as a sex symbol,” says Jaclyn. “When somebody tries to be sexy, they’re not,” adds Lynda. “I never once tried.”

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Things were different in other ways, too. Jaclyn, Lynda and Loni reigned during a time when plastic surgery wasn’t the norm.“I haven’t done any surgery,” Lynda tells Closer. “I’ve done a little Botox, but not very much. I’m terrified of looking different."

Loni Anderson and Jaclyn Smith

Loni and Jaclyn in March 2005. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

"You can become obsessed with it, and that’s not pretty,” notes Jaclyn.

And they’ve got plenty of well-earned wisdom they can share with the younger generation. “Women are very complex creatures, and it’s not about what we’re wearing — it’s about what’s going on inside,” says Lynda. “We are sisters, we are mothers and we are smart. It takes a woman to know a woman and not objectify her.”

In the end, inner beauty never goes out of style. “Every once in a while, I’ll look at an old poster of me and go, ‘Yeah, I was pretty cool!’” Loni tells Closer. “But it’s always inside you.”

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