Exclusive Interview with Casey Kasem’s Daughter Kerri:

'I Just Saw My Father Last Tuesday and It Was Wonderful’

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Kerri Kasem, daughter of radio personality Casey Kasem, gives an exclusive interview to Closer following a court appearance Monday to determine her father’s whereabouts, after the 82-year-old was secretly moved out of a Santa Monica nursing home last week.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the "American Top 40" host is labeled a missing person following the court’s decision to grant Kerri conservatorship of her father’s health.

“I will do whatever I need to do to get my dad back!” Kerri tells Closer. “I'm praying that he is somewhere safe. I’m praying to God that he’s being cared for and that he’s not getting sicker and sicker by the day.”

Radio Personality Casey Kasem Missing as Judge Orders Investigation Into His Whereabouts

The 35-year-old reveals she and sister Julie just saw their father last Tuesday, May 6, for the first time in 5 months. With the help of an attorney, they were granted access to his room.

“They let me and my sister in to see him and it was a wonderful visit. My dad said, ‘I love you,’” shares the comedian’s middle daughter, who also became a radio host.

“Dad was animated. He was smiling. He moved his arms a little bit. He knew we were there,” she describes.

“When we went to leave, we said, ‘Dad, we’ll be back soon. We’ll be back soon.’ That’s when he looked up at us and was able to say the word, ‘When?’ We said, ‘Dad, as soon as we can,’” she explains.

Kerri reveals it was after their visit that her stepmom and Casey’s current wife, Jean Kasem, who is estranged from her husband’s children, moved him from the facility in the middle of the night without a court order or doctor’s discharge.

Casey Kasem

Casey with wife Jean in 2007

“She had no authority as a healthcare agent or his wife to move him out of the facility without a doctor's consent,” one of Kerri’s attorneys, Martha Patterson, tells Closer. “I cannot imagine someone in his condition being carried out without proper medical equipment.”

Of her current state, Kerri tearfully says, “I'm filled with an extreme amount of worry for my father.”

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