David Cassidy Opens Up About Battling Alcoholism & Finding Love Again

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ONLY in the new issue of Closer Weekly: David Cassidy sits down for his first magazine interview since his life spiraled out of control.

Here, the Partridge Family star opens up about his long-time battle with alcoholism and the day he hit rock bottom (when he was arrested for a DUI in January — his third charge in less than three years), plus how he found love again after his wife of 23 years filed for divorce this past February.

Now, more than ever, David shares he's determined to beat his addiction to alcohol. “I am not ashamed, and alcohol does not define me,” the 63-year-old star tells Closer. “It’s been a problem for me for nearly 10 years, but it will no longer be a problem.”

David Cassidy

David during his Partridge Family days

According to David, he didn’t hit his lowest point until the recent arrest. Following about 45 days in voluntary rehab, he’d taken a furlough to visit LA to pursue a lawsuit against Sony Pictures Television over Partridge Family royalties.

After two intense days of depositions, David was headed back to LAX to return to his Florida based sobriety program, but en route made the fateful choice to stop at a Japanese restaurant for food—and some sake. “I thought, ‘You know what? No one’s going to know. And I’m going right back to rehab.’"

But after making an illegal right turn he was pulled over and upon failing a sobriety test, he was taken to South Central LA jail. “No excuses; it was just stupid,” admits David.

“I know now that if I continued to drink the way I was, I would die within two, three years,” he tells Closer of his much needed wake-up call. “I would die emotionally and physically. I’d just be a sad, lonely drunk, and that’s a horrible and frightening nightmarish picture.”

David Cassidy

Thankfully, there was a light waiting for David at the end of this dark tunnel. David and wife Sue agreed to end their long-fading marriage, and David reveals to Closer that he's found love again with girlfriend Maura, 52, an interior designer.

“She’s just become like my rock. She was never judgmental; that was No. 1 for me,” he raves.

Maura is supportive, but the farthest thing from an enabler. She asked David, “‘How long are you going to continue to drink? Because I don’t want to see you kill yourself,’” he shares of her firm ultimatum.

Maura’s tough love seems to be working, as David has become deeply involved in an intensive outpatient program and individual counseling. "I'm not doing the kind of self-destructive behavior I've chosen to do over the last decade."

David has been willingly attending rehab, but after pleading no contest to a drunken-driving charge in LA on March 24, he has been ordered to enter alcohol rehab for three months. Additionally, he must serve five years' probation, pay fines and take part in a nine-month alcohol-education program.


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